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Embird or Buzz Tools for converting embroidery designs

I’ve been trying to decide which embroidery software is best for converting the many free embroidery designs that I download and collect. Demos are good, but I feel I’m not computer savvy enough to know which is better for conversion only. I have been embroidering for only a couple of months and loving every minute of it. It’s an expensive hobby but what the heck. Any advice appreciated!

I would go with Embird if I were you. More features and more bang for the buck. I also collect designs of all sorts both paid and free. What I do is separate the designs the i purchase from the free designs that I download. Embroidery is addictive and you’ll find yourself always downloading the free ones so it is best to start categorizing them early before it all gets out of hand and you can’t find that design you are looking for because designs are scattered everywhere or are all located in one folder.

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