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Embroidery on fleece tips

Hey gang! I wanted to share with you some tips for embroidering on fleece, especially the heavy kind with thick nap. I like to use medium weight tear away stabilizer for a clean finish at the back. Some hoop the backing and fabric together which is good because it’s the most stable method. But sometimes when the design is small or not complicated I just slip it under between the hooped fabric and the machine needle plate area. This saves precious stabilizers! Then I use a water soluble topping like Solvy on top. Again, I just place the topping one top without hooping it with the fabric although others prefer to hoop it with the fabric. I feel my way is less wasteful!

To remove the topping, gently tear off the large pieces and for the hard to get pieces, a good needle point tweezer will do the job. If there are too many little pieces that will take too much time, you can also spray it with a fine mist of water and dab it with balled-up leftovers of topping. The remaining topping on the fabric/design should stick to the balled-up leftover topping. If toppings are really stuck for some reason, then I use a soft toothbrush.

Great tips thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to share! Very useful :-)

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