Starting an embroidery business

Thinking of becoming your own boss? Visit the following sites for helpful information on starting an embroidery business.

SWF East
SWF East, distributor of SWF commercial embroidery machines. SWF East was established in 1999, however their staff has over 3 decades of industry experience. As their name suggests, they operate predominantly in the Eastern parts of the US. They also have offices in Puerto Rico, hence a Spanish version of their site.

Aside from commercial embroidery machines, they do offer embroidery digitizing solutions with Sierra software. An overview of embroidery software levels and pricing is provided via easy-to-read chart which can be viewed on their site. If you're thinking of purchasing stock embroidery design software, you can save $1,000 off the regular price of Dakota Collectibles' flagship design library with a purchase of an embroidery machine. Lower cost embroidery design collections from Dakota Collectibles are also available.

SWF East carries a line of screen printing equipment including manual presses, flash cure units, conveyor dryers, and exposure units. Additionally, they sell the Fast T-jet "direct-to-garment" inkjet printer. If you've never heard of Fast T-Jet before, basically, it prints designs directly on clothing without all the mess of traditional screen printing.
Pantograms Mfg Co, Inc.
Pantograms Mfg Co, Inc., distributor of Toyota commercial embroidery machines. Serving the embroidery industry since 1967 and becoming a distributor of Toyota embroidery machines in 1986, Pantograms Mfg Co, Inc. is a fixture in the industry. They are headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Not just an embroidery machine distributor, they also sell stock embroidery design software called Panto Stock Designs as well as digitizing software in several levels called Designer Series that they developed. The Designer Series levels range from 1 to 4; the higher the level, the more features are added.

If you will be focusing on embroidered patches, specifically name tags for work uniforms and the like, Pantograms offers an emblem embroidery system designed to increase productivity. It includes the use of a special machine attachment--a frame--in conjunction with the PatchMaster and Operation Name Drop software.

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