What is ebusiness?

Ebusiness (e-business) or electronic business refers to commercial activities performed over computers and related technologies mainly through networks such as intranets, extranets, and the Internet to streamline, improve, and extend business operations. Ebusiness and ecommerce are often viewed to be one and the same, however this is incorrect. Ecommerce is simply a part ebusiness, more specifically, the trading aspect of ebusiness.
  • Ebusiness and Intranets
    An intranet is network of computers that belong to an organization. Companies use intranets to efficiently share information such as work-related documents and to facilitate collaborative efforts amongst its employees. It's a private network, thus only authorized users have access.

  • Ebusiness and Extranets
    An extranet is essentially an intranet except it allows authorized people outside the company access to certain areas of the system. Extranets streamline business processes with suppliers, vendors, and business partners.

  • Ebusiness and the Internet
    The Internet is the global network of interconnected computer networks. From work-at-home moms to mom-and-pop shops to big corporations, the Internet provides new business opportunities to those who embrace it. The Internet is here to stay; if you want a piece of the pie, then it is imperative that you approach it just like a brick-and-mortar business and have a solid strategy. Otherwise, join those that have gone before you in the black hole of cyberspace.
It's the small fish in the pond that are especially happy thanks to the vast amount of affordable ecommerce software and ecommerce hosting solutions readily available to help them reach far beyond their local market.

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