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Upgrading to industrial embroidery machine

I just joined today, but I’m not new to embroidery, however I am not familiar with industrial embroidery machines. I have a Husqvarna Viking #1+ home machine that has given me so much. I am now at the point where I would like to upgrade to an industrial machine (a 1 head). The reason I’m thinking of upgrading is because doing order of more than 20 items regularly is not very productive for me with my Viking. Any input from y’all would be great. Thank you!

Hello and welcome! I have a Tajima TMEXC 1201 (12 needle, single head) and I’ve had nothing bad good things to say about this machine. One thing you have to keep in mind however is that after-sales support is as important as the machine itself so it would be best to work with a dealer that’s close to you. If you’re lucky enough to have several dealers in your area, go to all of them and choose the dealership that’s the most helpful, friendly, etc. even if it means traveling an extra hour than you closest dealership. Don’t take salespeople’s word when they start claiming everything about their machines is great left and right. Demo, demo, demo and them demo some more. If they don’t give you the time of day to answer all your questions, then don’t do business with them. It’s that simple. You’ll be purchasing a machine and possibly digitizing software in thousands of dollars and if they can’t please you by walking your through everything you want to know BEFORE you purchase, then you’ll most likely receive poor after-sales support. And trust me, once you get your shiny brand spankin’ new machine home, you’ll have lots of questions afterwards.

Well hello there! I demoed both a single-head Tajima and SWF commercial machine. Both are great pieces of machinery. I decided to purchase the SWF machine purely on price alone. The Tajima cost several thousand dollars more than I can afford at this time. It would be great to have both though!!

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