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Can’t view embroidery designs on computer

Hello, why is it that for some reason I can not open and view embroidery designs on my computer after I’ve downloaded them? I can see them perfectly fine on websites though, but not on my computer? Can anybody explain to me why it is the way it is or is it just me? When I try to open a design, a window pop-ups and basically says that Windows can not open the file and asks me to select a program from a list. I’ve selected many programs one by one to see if it will open it, but no luck. I want to see the designs, oh my word!!!

**so confused right now**

You can see them on websites because they are not the actual design files themselves, but rather they are the image files of the embroidery designs such as .gif and .jpg. What you need is a software that is capable of opening an embroidery file itself like a digitizing software such as PE Design or design organizer software like Buzz Tools.

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